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Geelong Solar Power Installation Specialists

100% Family owned and operated, Super Homes Services love installing the very best of solar power systems throughout Geelong and various surrounds. We specialise in solar power and renewable energy systems and can provide expert advice on all your solar needs. More and more popular over time, a solar PV system is an ideal feature for Geelong homes. Additionally, with electricity rates rising up to 80% in the last five years alone, the price of solar PV falling, and up-front rebates available, now is a great time to find the best solar power Geelong deals call 1800 969 737 now!

Geelong Solar Panels For Energy Efficient Homes

Are you in a new home? Or are you heading towards retirement? Perhaps you’re just sick of high electricity bills being a drain on your income? Or you realise more than ever we need to live sustainably and contribute through an environmentally conscious lifestyle? Every homeowner has a range of choices to accommodate those concerns, but none quite meets them as completely as solar does. Good news, solar is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to produce electricity. And whether you’re in a new or existing home, you’ve come by the right team of solar installers.

Super Home Services has installed the solar panels Geelong homes rely on to power their life’s needs while reducing their energy bills. Solar is a cost-effective investment, and we’re the solar Geelong provider that’s able to install and manage your solar panel installation. If you’re new to  the idea of a solar PV system, our qualified electrician experts won’t only help you with solar power system installation but its maintenance and home power monitoring so you can feel confident operating your solar powered home. 

Geelong Solar

Why Super Home’s Solar Panel Geelong Services

Value for money

Long-lasting solar power installation for energy usage reduction.

Quality of System

Robust, up-to-date and high-performance solar systems.

Seamless Installation

Quick, seamless subtle installations without compromising existing structures.

Professional Assistance

Convenient, helpful guidance of installers throughout setup and operations.

Super Home Services Solar Power Geelong Products

If you’ve been planning to go green for your energy, find out more about our solar power Geelong products and how it works when you partner with Super Home Services for your solar installations. Discuss your home solar needs with our team today. Here are just some of the things our solar expert installers can help you decide:

How solar power works

Benefits of solar power

What size system for me?

STCs and feed-in tariffs

Our process and steps to getting solar

Super Home Services is known for delivering the very best, from our workmanship to quality products and exceptional service. We provide installation, maintenance, solar panels/modules, inverters, power monitoring, grid backup/stand and community solar.

When you’re confident with your decision to go solar, we’ll assist you through every step from beginning to end, from installation to any paperwork. You won’t want better customer service, from excellent installation and performance, our friendly and professional installers are punctual and highly capable as an efficient team. Whether it’s your roof or an outhouse area that needs installing, we’ll leave everything spotless. 

Call Super Home Services Geelong Solar Installers Now

Love to get a solar power system installed but don’t don’t know where to start? Get high-quality solar products and services from Super Home Services Solar Geelong installers. We can discuss the needs of your residential property and answer any questions you may have. For questions about solar power systems and energy efficient products, call us now 1800-969-737 and book with us today.

Super Home Service team of experts are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of split system AC units, ensuring that your home or office remains cool and comfortable all year round. Whether you need a new split system installed, or an existing one repaired, we can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Our Solar Services Include

Solar Power System Design
Solar Panel Installation
Servicing and Solar Repairs
Access to all Solar Rebates
Inverter Installation
Solar System Upgrades
Battery and Power Storage
All Major Brands
Solar Vic Approved Retailer
Clean Energy Council Member
And much, much more...

Looking for air-conditioning services in Geelong? Super Home Services is your one-stop shop for all your air-conditioning needs! We provide a wide range of air-conditioning services, from installation and repair, to maintenance and replacement. 






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