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Split System Installation Geelong

For amazing split system air conditioning Geelong services contact Super Home services today. By booking Super Home you can be assured of exceptional work on all air conditioning services. As leaders of split system air conditioner Geelong services, we do various split system installations, split system repairs, and servicing. Our work on air conditioning units is second to none. With affordable, upfront pricing, Super Home provides a variety of split system services from start to finish for your property. Our expertise in assembling and installing a huge range of air conditioning and heating systems is of the highest standard. So, if you're after air conditioning specialists in Geelong then you need Super Home! We'll provide you with fantastic heating and cooling systems solutions to match your home and budget.

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Benefits Of Split System Air Conditioners Geelong

Split system air conditioners are a two-in-one heating and cooling solution. They can efficiently cool or heat a single room, depending on your preference. What's more, they are ideal for instances where you need both functions in the same location. The range of multi-systems designed for air conditioning and heating gives homeowners individual control of each unit through one port. This provides ease and simplicity, unlike anything to come before it.

Split systems are a more advanced air conditioning system than standard units. They can thus handle greater temperature extremes. Split systems are also smoother and stabler when operating, and so are quicker to reach desired temperatures than standard air-cons. Another popular appeal is that they are more economical to run. Furthermore, they’re also quieter than older units, making them ideal for use in rooms used for resting, relaxing, or sleeping.

Temperatures rise and fall every season. However, with split system air conditioning you will be best prepared to handle any weather, and remain comfortable throughout. A significant benefit of them is that they help maintain cooler or warmer temperatures. Thus, you can stay comfortable without worrying about increasing your energy bills. Speak to one of our Geelong residential split system air conditioning experts today to have your questions answered.

At Super Home Services we do it all. Wall-mounted split systems, energy efficiency solutions, and general contractor services. It is clear why we are a leader in air conditioning installation Geelong.

Split System Installation Geelong

Why Purchase Split System Air Conditioning Geelong?

There are many benefits to purchasing a split system air conditioner, including:

Save on energy bills

Split systems are more affordable than central air conditioning units. Split systems are far more than just space-saving multifunctional systems. They are also electricity-efficient and are great for saving on energy costs.

They’re easy to install

with many homeowners doing it themselves. Furthermore, there is a huge range of products available. Super Home Services can supply your home with discreet wall-mounted models, multi-head units, and ducted systems of all major brands.

Split systems don’t take up a lot of space

so they’re perfect for small homes or apartments. The flexibility from a split system air conditioner removes concerns about heating, with a two-in-one system. Hence, they are the perfect option for convenience and space-saving.

Increased personal comfort

Split systems make a great option for controlling the temperature in just one area of a property. They also provide practical utility when multiple indoor units are installed.

Need house rewiring? Super Home Service is here to help! We're your local experts when it comes to house wiring, and we're always available to answer any of your questions. We'll make sure the job is done right, and we'll work with you to make sure you're satisfied with the results. Contact us today to!

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Comprehensive Split System Services

As part of our commitment to achieving customer satisfaction, Super Home Services offers a wide range of related services. Our Split System services in Geelong include:

New installation for year round comfort


Fault diagnosis


All major brands

Ducted split systems

Multi-head split systems

Single head

Add-on cooling systems

Correct system sizing and design

Ensuring split system peak performance

All at affordable prices

Book Our Split System Service Today

Call us on 1800 969 737 to find out more about how we can meet all your air conditioning needs. You can also email us at, to receive a written response. Our technicians make it their priority to install split systems that will comfortably meet your current and future living requirements. No matter the particulars of your property, a split-system unit provides a simple, efficient hub for heating and cooling solutions. Call Super Home Services for all your split system needs today. We look forward to hearing from you.






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